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Digital Repairs” (“DR”) is pleased to welcome you. DR delivers its services to you subject to the terms and conditions listed below. Before signing the Job sheet, you must read and accept all of the terms and conditions in this Terms of Agreement (“TA”) and the associated Privacy Policy. We highly advise you to access and read the linked material while reading this TA, since it is included in and hereby constitutes part of this TA. When this TA is accepted, it becomes effective. The use of any service functionality indicates acceptance of this TA. If this TA contradicts any other agreements, the TA will take precedence for the purposes of service usage. You may not use the service in any manner if you do not agree to be governed by this TA and the Privacy Policy. To examine the most recent version of the Terms of Service, please visit https://digitalrepairs.co.in/tl/. We retain the right, at our sole discretion, to amend or otherwise modify the TA at any time and without prior notice, and your continuing access or use of this service indicates your acceptance of the updated or modified TA.


  • “DR” will repair/replace/restore/maintain the equipment to its original function as specified on this Job sheet, but not restricted to manufacturer requirements.
  • In order to use the service, you may be required to provide some information, including but not limited to your personal details, such as your address, email ID, phone number, password, or device pattern.
  • The extent of the service given by “DR” will be either repairer/aggregator or facilitator, depending on every individual case.
  • “DR” is a service provider that acts as an independent aggregator. All product names, logos, and brands are registered trademarks of their respective owners. It in no way implies brand approval or endorsement.


A liquid-damaged/tampered/software-corrupted set may become completely dead during the repair procedure. Such failures will not be the responsibility of the service centre. In rare cases without compulsion, the device may not be delivered in the same condition as it was submitted. If a customer requests diagnosis or repair or authorises the repair of an out-of-country device that is not supported by a brand or any device that must be repaired at our in-house repair facility, the device can lose its IP certification and cannot be repackaged with an IP certification.


  • The estimation may vary for each product/brand based on the complexity, the basis of information provided by the customer, and the failure of spares.
  • The customer has to approve the estimate within 3 days of the intimation from the centre, failing which the estimation will be automatically rejected and the work order will be cancelled. If it has to be repaired again, a new request has to be generated by paying additional work order charges (which are the same as inspection charges) plus estimation charges
  • Revised estimation can be shared, which may occur during the actual repair/configuration of the device and may change for various products/brands dependent on the complexity of the failure of the spares/unit.
  • DR can only complete a device’s repair so that there are no additional difficulties. According to brand regulations, we do not conduct partial repairs since the device will not be able to pass quality tests after repairs.

Repair Time

  • DR will begin performing the repair works you have allocated to us within a reasonable time frame. Unless a binding date has been explicitly stated, completion deadlines for which you have been told are non-binding. Within the context of reasonable planning, DR will carry out repair services in a timely manner.
  • Service Centre/Repair Centre is not liable for any delays, nonperformance, failure or non-delivery of the products due to contingencies arising from any force majeure, Pandemic, scarcity of Materials, acts of god, storm, earthquake, accident, strikes, lockout, industrial dispute, labour trouble, transportation embargo, imminence or the existence of any state emergency, war, war like sanctions or any measure taken by the government like Lockdown etc. which renders it impossible or impractical for service centre/ repair centre to perform supply, service or deliver the product to the customer.

Charges & Payment

  • The cost of repairing the device will be communicated to the customer via phone, email, or message(s) based on the diagnosis. After approval, an auto payment link will be sent to the consumer. The payment deadline is three days after the estimate is issued, or the work order will be automatically cancelled.
  • If the unit is collected without repair or is unrepairable, the minimum inspection or estimate for the respective product should be paid. Handling Charges applicable to warranty devices Charges may vary from model to model and brand to brand.
  • In the event of an exception at the sole discretion of the company, a refund (by cheque only) of the paid amount to the service centre will be processed if the phone is not repairable after the deduction of the respective brand’s minimum Inspection charges.
  • Delivery of repaired products will be made only against payment in the form of Cash/ Card/Wallet or through the payment link provided.
  • Booking fees are non-refundable.


  • Products that meet standard manufacturer warranty criteria as defined by the manufacturer will only be eligible for warranty repairs. The company is not responsible for providing a warranty for customer-induced defects, damaged products, or for products that do not meet warranty criteria.
  • Product warranty is subject to confirmation upon physical inspection of the device, and the cost of repairs for reported defects is subject to the appropriate technical verification (not obligatory in front of the user) of the unit.
  • Proof of purchase should be submitted at the time of handing over the products for repair otherwise. It will be treated as Out of Warranty & the cost of repair will have to be paid by the customer prior to receiving the goods.
  • Products serviced by an unauthorised service provider will be treated as out of warranty and the company does not guarantee the performance of the products if repaired at the service centre.
  • Software Installation charges are 1(one) time repairs and do not carry any warranty.
  • Non-warranty devices fixed by the centre are covered by a 30-day parts guarantee and a 90-day service warranty from the date of delivery for the same part that was replaced or repaired. Failure of other spares will result in the appropriate costs.
  • In the case of a repeat or second repair, the client must bear the cost of shipping and returning logistics for the same issue (same defect and the same cause, excluding product abuse or misuse).
  • It should be noted that if the warranty seal is destroyed, this guarantee will be void (where applicable). Any additional faults that develop during this time are not covered by the repairer’s guarantee. Charges will be applicable if customers opt for repair.

Delivery & Pickup

  • The original receipt must be returned at the time of delivery. If the original receipt is not presented, the goods will not be delivered. If the original receipt is not returned, the company will, in its sole discretion, prescribe the papers required to deliver the product. The customer must provide the required documentation to establish ownership of the product and take delivery
  • The consumer must pick up his device, fixed or unfixed, within 10 working days of receiving a written notification from the centre about the final status of the device. The company reserves the right to dispose of the products at its discretion in whatever manner it deems fit and proper if the customer does not take delivery within 45 (forty-five) days of the date of communication of service completion. In this case, the customer will have no claim of any kind or nature.
  • The service centre is not responsible for any damages/malfunctions that occur after the item is delivered unrepaired. The customer must inspect the condition of the item upon delivery, whereas the repaired device is covered by the guarantee mentioned previously.

Data & Privacy

  • By using this service and providing your personal contact information, you confirm that you are interested in availing of and purchasing the services that you have chosen. You agree that DR may contact you electronically or by phone to ascertain your interest in the selected products and services and to meet your demand. You also accept that DR retains the right to make your information accessible to its affiliates and partners and that the affiliates and partners may contact you for information and sales through email, phone, and/or SMS. You consent to receive promotional information and/or special offers from DR by phone, email, text message, Whats app or through any other digital medium.
  • We respect individual privacy & thus do not undertake data backup. Please ensure to take data backup & completely erase the data before submitting the handset for repairs. The company will not be responsible for the loss or destruction of data during the service/software upgrade or Software update.
  • DR and brands may keep data relevant to the processing of this job sheet. The diagnostic report will include all device information. Other customer user information will not be collected.


Defective spares will be returned to the repair centre for disposal of e-waste. If any consumers require faulty components, please make the request while submitting the device. As part of limiting hazardous elements that affect the environment, the brand retains the right to dispose of e-waste through responsible producer take-back channels. In lieu, the company can refuse to return faulty components to customers.


  • DR maintains the right to refuse any shipments that arrive at the repair centre with visible evidence of damage, degradation, or opening. To avoid any disputes, we propose that you attach a packing list to your consignment (given through email when booking) and take some images before shipping. Any claims for missing items or accessories will be denied if there is no packing list found.
  • After repair, the device will be returned to the client at the location given on the Job sheet. DR will not accept requests to return the device to a different address.
  • Customers are encouraged to inspect the package and its contents upon delivery. By default, goods sent by DR are not insured. At the customer’s request, transportation insurance can be included. Adding insurance coverage normally incurs a fee, which is borne by the consumer.
  • In the event of a failed delivery owing to the customer’s the absence/wrong address or for any other reason, the device will be made available to the local delivery office and retained for up to two working days (Subject to terms & conditions governed by respective courier company) The customer must follow and coordinate with the courier firm using the docket number issued by DR. If the item is not picked up within that time frame, it will be returned to DR. Additional deliveries to the client will be subject to a charge to cover additional transportation costs.


  • Disputes against this work order are subject to the jurisdiction of the Thane Courts only
  • The above terms and conditions supersede and terminate all prior representations, discussions, undertakings, and communication relating to the services, written or oral until and unless otherwise agreed in writing by the service centre or repair centre.
  • By accepting the Job sheet, It is deemed that the customer agrees to all terms and conditions mentioned in the job sheet regardless it has been endorsed or not.
  • If any of these TA provisions is found to be fully or substantially invalid or violated, the legality of the remaining clauses or parts thereof is unaffected.
  • Customers can contact DR’s customer service department through email (info@digitalrepairs.in) or phone (+91 9167203572) if they have any questions or concerns about their repairs. Customers can request that their case be reviewed by a member of the management team if they are dissatisfied with the answers supplied by the customer support staff. Customers are asked to email support@digitalrepairs.in with their repair reference number and any previous communication attached. Customers can also write to Digital Repairs, F11, first floor, Eternity Mall, Teen haath naka, Thane west, MH-400604
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